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Peter Stokkebye Tobacco - Baklava

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PS-23 Baklava
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Peter Stokkebye refuses to drown bad tobacco in toppings. Toasted Burley makes the base for B & B, and  Vanilla is cooked into the blend for a consistent flavor throughout the tobacco. The Cavendish process keeps the body to a mild level while bringing the boldness of flavor to a medium level. Quality tobaccos.
This one is sweet. The vanilla features in every puff of B & B. Still, the tobacco smoked evenly all the way down the pipe. I noticed a little body, but I would only move the rank to a mild +. I found more of a moisture problem than other Stokkebye aromatics. However, the blend held off on the tongue-bite. I recommend B & B for an enjoyable, all-day desert.
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