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Stanwell Pipes

Poul Neilsen began Stanwell pipes in 1942 as Kyringe Pipes. During World War II, Denmark had no access to their favorite English pipes or the briar to make them. Neilsen stepped up to make traditional shapes from beech wood. After the war, Neilsen changed the name to Stanwell when briar became available again.

Neilsen moved the Stanwell factory in 1969 to Borup to accommodate pipe designer Sixten Ivarsson. Together, they built one of the most efficient pipe factories. This efficiency begins with machine made bowls. Then, each pipe is hand finished. The result is an improvement of drilling while the cost remains low. The Borup factory closed in 2009 when Scandinavian Tobacco Group moved production to Italy.

Stanwell continues to produce well drilled, vintage shapes at an affordable price. Scroll through our collection to find your new favorite.

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