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Lane Limited Tobacco - BLWB Bulk - Ribbon Cut

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Lane 6
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Some tobaccos produce a sandpaper feel in the mouth, and this is what we call tongue-bite. BLWB from Lane Tobacco cuts the bite from tis Burley base with a slightly flavored Cavendish. Cocco merely enhances the natural flavor of the Burley tobacco and smooths the smoke. With a light body, you can smoke this pipe tobacco blend all day.

The other day, I loaded up a bowl of BLWB from Lane Tobacco, and I was pleased with this pipe tobacco blend. Nutty Burleys dominate the market, so this blend offers a refreshing break into the other Burley flavor: cocco. The mild body and pleasant room note make it perfect for smoking all day. I'd recommend BLWB to those starting out or those looking for another side to Burley tobacco.