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Lane Limited Tobacco - Brookwood

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Lane HS-3
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Cavendish is the process used to add flavors to tobaccos. Lane's HS - 3 features natural Cavendishes which are cased with a slight vanilla flavor. Likely, Burleys are used to make those Cavendishes. This process smooths out the Burleys and makes for a very mild smoke. This is the perfect all day, very mild tobacco blend.
We've called this Brookwood in the shop, and it's one of our bestsellers. In my pipe bowl, HS - 3 [known as Brookwood in the shop] tasted vanilla-y and nutty. The nut flavor confirms Burley was used for the Cavendish in this tobacco blend. I did not get a lot of the vanilla though. I found only smooth, very mild tobacco. I'd recommend this for anyone looking for an all-day, unobtrusive smoke.