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Three Nuns Tobacco - Red 50g - Coin Cut

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Reportedly, Three Nuns was the favorite smoke of authors C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. However, the blend has changed a bit since they lit their bowls. The coin cut spins together an outer layer of Virginias with a center of Kentucky Dark Fired. Some Brazillian leaf is thrown in to smooth the edges and add a spiciness. The body rates as a medium, and the room note is very natural. 

I enjoyed my bowl of Three Nuns Red. I can't comment on the differences from the original blend, but the absence of perique would make it different. However, the natural sweetness of the Virginias is the start of the show complimented by some smokiness from the Kentuckys. I would put this as a solid medium body smoke, and the room note drew no complaints.