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Peterson Tobacco - Nightcap 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Peterson Tobacco 15
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Nightcap's claim to fame is its full body. Latakia and Perique are added to a base of Virginias. The flavors feature the smokiness of the Latakia with a touch of the spice from the Perique. Some of the sweetness from the Virginias does come through the bowl. So, full of body and full of flavor is the hallmark of this fantastic legend.


Now, I took the reputation of this one into account and brought this one to the house. I can confirm the definite nic-hit from this flavorful tobacco. The smokiness of the Latakia dominated my bowl. However, I think the citrus from the Virginias is a little more forward than the spiciness of the Perique. Surely, a legend that lives up to billing, so grab a tin if you like a stout English blend.