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Ashton Tobacco - Consummate Gentleman 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Consummate Gentleman is a light + to medium latakia blend, but don't be fooled: the Latakia is more of condiment to this blend - not it's primary feature. Kohlhase and Kopp lists some unflavored Cavendish as well as some Virginias in the blend. That Cavendish should smooth out the Latakia nicely. Listed as medium in both body and flavor. 
The Burley in this blend helps tame the flavor of the Marylands and the Latakia, so I get more of a smokey flavor than a spicey flavor out of it. There's plenty of nuttiness from the Burleys and lemony from the Virginias without overpowering the Latakia. Definitely moved to the medium category for me. This would definitely be a different take on an English blend but still smooth and enjoyable.