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Ashton Tobacco - Rainy Day 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Rainy Day brings a boldness to Ashton's aromatics tobacco. The burleys in the blend are aged in whiskey barrels then blended with Virginias and Black Cavendish. Tropical fruit tops the Cavendish for a bold compliment to the whiskey barrel aging. The Burleys are going to bring the body to the mild + to medium range, and the Tropical fruits are going to edge the flavor to the bold end.
Rainy Day shocked me a bit. I expected an over the top fruit blend, but I found a noticeable fruit topping with a complexity of whisky notes. The flavors marry nicely into a pleasant compliment. I did notice a slight nic hit too which is definitely higher than most aromatics. If you're looking for a nice, pleasant smoke at the end of the day, give this one a try.