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7 Seas Tobacco - Red 100g - Ribbon Cut

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Seven Seas Red Ribbon Cut pipe tobacco. Virginias pull double duty in this smooth cherry tobacco. First, Virginias provide the base with citrus and honey flavors. Then, the Cavendishes are made from the same Virginias. A little Burley is added at the end for some nuttiness and a little body. The body remains on the mild end while the room note is fruity. 

I'd recommend drying this tobacco for 5 - 10 minutes before packing it. The smell of cherry from the tin is stronger then once leaf is lit. The cherry flavor is subtle but ever present. Plus, I did not get the usual artificial aftertaste. The body was mild, almost very mild, and the room note drew a couple compliments. If you like cherry blends, this is a great all-day cherry.