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7 Seas Tobacco - Regular 100g - Ribbon Cut

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7 Seas 3

Regular Blend departs from the usual American aromatic by adding chocolate to the vanilla topping. The additions bring out the cocoa of the light Burleys and the honey-like Virginias. Also, Virginias are used to make the Cavendishes, so that mellows the flavor of the Cavendishes a bit. The body shows as a mild while the room note ranks as enjoyable. 

Chocolate and vanilla are back notes throughout the smoke while the natural flavors evolve throughout the bowl. Off the light, a citrus-Virginia dominates the first quarter of the bowl, and the chocolate smooths the edges on the citrus. About mid-bowl, honey from the Virginias appears with the vanilla while the cocoa from the Burleys moves forward from the chocolate topping. By the end of the bowl, it's cocoa from the Burleys. Body-wise, 7 Seas Regular makes a pleasant all-day smoke while the room note shouldn't offend anyone.