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7 Seas Tobacco - Gold 100g - Ribbon Cut

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7 Seas 2
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7 Seas Gold blend from Ashton throws some Burley on top of the Virginia and Cavendish. Those Burleys add a touch of molasses to the honey-like Virginias. Vanilla and caramel top the Cavendishes for a lightly sweet aromatic. The body rates at the mild level while the room note comes in at the inviting level. 

In my opinion, this is as close to an American aromatic as the 7 Seas comes. The addition of the Burley brings a molasses flavor which the caramel in the Cavendishes only highlights. The Virginias are the bright spots here and bring a touch of citrus while the vanilla mellows that out. The flavors merge together for a delightful smoke. I would not move this away from the mild body, and I'd expect many compliments from those around you.