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Sutliff Tobacco

Starting in 1849, H. W. Sutliff opened a tobacco retail shop in San Francisco, California. Sutliff quickly realized that customers wanted their own blends in his shop, so he used some raw leaf to mix those together. Turns out, Sutliff was quite good. His blends grew in nation-wide popularity. After more than a century in San Francisco, the family business moved to Richmond, VA in 1953 with Mixture 79 driving the move.

Now, the next half-century was much less stable. Sutliff acquired Heines Blend in 1963 only to be purchased by Consolidated Cigar in 1969. Then, Consolidated Cigar merged with Altadis at the end of the century, and Altadis sold Sutliff to Mac Baren in 2013.

In Mac Baren hands, Sutliff returns to a family owned business. Henrik Halberg, the fourth generation, runs Mac Baren. Sutliff remains an American establishment and is currently (2019) producing some high-quality blends which are favorites around The Briary.