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Sutliff Tobacco - A.M. Pipe

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Sutliff Match Sunrise
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Old favorites provide a comfortable stability to life. In the tobacco world, few have been friends longer than Virginia and Latakia. The light body and natural sweetness of the Virginias compliment the smoky, woodsy Latakias for a combination that's stood the test of time. Sutliff adds a little Turkish to this blend for some complexity. 
I think this would be a great place to start a Latakia journey. In my bowl, the Virginias are definitely the dominate player, but you can't miss the Latakia. Latakia has a habit of dominating blends [in my opinion], but the Virginias are more than noticeable in this one. The body lends itself to all-day smoking or for that first bowl in the morning to jump start the mind. Enjoy.
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