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Rattrays Tobacco - Old Gowrie 50g - Ready Rub Cut

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Rattray 7

Old Gowrie brings a twist to the Va/Per category with the addition of Kentucky Dark Fired. The Dark Fireds should highlight the sweetness of the Virginias and absorb some of the spice from the Perique. Still, with both Dark Fired and Perique, I'd anticipate a medium to full body while the flavor might only reach the medium point. The room note will be very natural.

The citrus quality of Virginia shines in this blend more than the natural sweetness, and the Perique's spice serves to compliment that citrus. Also, the Dark Fireds bring a sweetness to the blend, so there's plenty of complexity to keep one interested. The body makes it to a medium or might drop to a medium -. I don't know that it could be smoked all day, but it's make a good break time smoke.