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Petersons Tobacco - University Flake 50g - Flake Cut

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Peterson Tobacco 6
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University Flake combines Burleys and Virginias with the slightest of toppings. The Burleys bring a nuttiness, and the Virginias add a little natural sweetness. The Burleys might push the body to medium for some while the Virginias will smooth it out. The flavor should move toward a medium boldness as well.

On the first light, I get a strong citrus not, which I wouldn't expect from a VaBur tipped in the Burley direction. However, a roasted nuttiness quickly replaces the citrus and remains the dominate flavor for the smoke. The flavor reminds me of a roasted cashew. Now, the body is noticeable, but I don't find it heavy. If you like the compliment between nutty Burleys and light Virginias, do yourself a favor and try this one.