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Elliott Pipes - Elliott Horn

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Elliott 93
This one of a kind pipe has been SOLD.  Keld Sorenson, a brilliant Danish pipemaker, had this to say about Skip's pipes: 
"The horn is really outstanding: Floating lines, rounded top and perfect grains. A pipe like that makes all the hard work and long hours worth it!"
This is the best briar that I have ever found. The cross grain is wonderfully tight while birds eye covers the front and back. I cannot believe the pipe turned out this good. I found a couple pits on one side, but the way I put it in the lathe solved that problem brilliantly. I sanded it down to a fine, smooth finished that really showcases the stunning grain. Plus, the glossy finish just allows the pipe to shine. I added a bit of color contrast with the stem and gave it a slight bend. That slight bend is neccessary for a horn. The thing is that the slightly bent stem creates a flow to the pipe that completes the look. 
6 inches long, 2.625 inches tall, 2.50 ounces