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Sutliff Tobacco - English Aromatic

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Sutliff 504 Aromatic English
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Latakia creates some division among pipe smokers and those around them. Aromatic English solves this problem with a healthy addition of Black Cavendish. The vanilla Cavendish tames the Latakia for a great room note. Burley provides the base, so the body matches the flavor at a medium level. Add this tobacco to your cart for a balance of Latakia and Cavendish.
I tried a bowl of this unusual category of pipe tobacco, the Lata-matic. I was pleased that I didn't have to dry the tobacco. In my pipe, the vanilla and latakia alternated with almost every puff. I would say the body makes it to the medium level, and I did get some compliments on the room note. If you want to experiment with a unique tobacco blend, get a couple ounces of Aromatic English.
Ribbon Cut.