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Ephemeris Tobacco- The Finest Virginia

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Many Virginias have tried and many Virginias have failed to walk the tightrope Ephemeris does. Other blends attempt to hide the quality of their Virginia tobaccos by adding other tobaccos and casings, all chasing the perfect and refreshing flavor that Ephemeris has. Due to how little tongue-bite Ephemeris has and how smooth it manages to be with just Virginia tobaccos, we have been asked time and time again as to what else is included in the blend only for those asking to be astonished that we let the tobacco speak for itself here.

Despite it’s smoothness, there is no Cavendish in this blend, no casing, and no adulteration of any kind whatsoever.

We use several Pure-Virginia tobaccos that when mixed together in the perfect quantities give you the smoothness, the sharpness, and the sweetness that everyone has been chasing. Whether this is your very first pipe tobacco or you are a very experienced Virginia smoker, Ephemeris does the impossible and maintains a balancing act that even the largest and best known companies have failed in.

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