Becker Pipes- Estate Federico- Rusticated Bent Unsmoked

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Becker 10
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All of the Becker Pipes in our collection came from the estate of one individual. Some of them are even unsmoked! In fact, some of them were taken care of so well we were not entirely sure as to whether or not they have ever been smoked. Finding Becker Pipes in general is a challenge, let alone finding ones that look like these!

This rusticated Becker is a gorgeous example, don't miss out on this rare opportunity to add a Becker Pipe of such quality to your collection, especially an unsmoked one at that!








Bowl Width: 0.936 Inches

Bowl Depth: 1.558 Inches

Pipe Height: 2.1165 Inches

Pipe Length: 6.24 Inches

Weight: 1.87 Ounces