Samuel Gawith Tobacco - Squadron Leader 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Gawith 14
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Reportedly, Squadron Leader lies in the middle of its English Blends. Golden and Dark Virginias lay the foundation for a handful of Latakia and a dash of Turkish; the marriage of these flavors, through the custom cutting process, allows each of the ingredients to shine as the bowl is smoked. Strength and flavor both come in at a medium level. 

Sure enough, Virginia, Latakia, and Turkish in that order made up my bowl of Squadron Leader. The smoke not only built in flavor but body also - In other words, this one snuck up on me. I noticed the citrus-y Virginias from the first light, so the body seemed pretty mild. I got to talking by the time I got to the spicy Turkish, and I lost track of where the body was. Now, I wouldn't describe this as full body, but it's certainly not a mild one either. Enjoy Squadron Leader after mealtime to relax away.